The Word of Mouth Cooking Club is a mobile cooking school founded by experienced Chef Instructor Mom, Silvia Medrano-Edelstein.  

Chef Silvia has worked with international James Beard chefs in Honolulu, San Francisco and Atlanta. She was a Culinary Degree Program International Cuisine instructor and earned a Sommelier certification. She is a Certified Master Gardener and grows edible flowers and boutique greens which are used to spectacular effects in her classes. On school days, she may be found walking her 7-year-old son to Mary Lin Elementary, playing her ukulele.

 The Difference

As a chef mom, Chef Silvia realized that with the convergence of popular cooking competition shows and chef-driven food market culture, children’s palates has evolved. For some of today’s foodie kids, lunch boxes may already have sushi, naan breads and ramen. Taking advantage of this trend, Chef Silvia presents updated foodie dishes and plating techniques using squirt bottles and puree swatches to spark the desire to achieve higher-level understanding of flavor layering and artistry.